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Paolo Roberto Graziano

Professore ordinario


Indirizzo: VIA DEL SANTO, 28 - PADOVA . . .


  • presso Primo piano (first floor), V. del Santo, 28
    Su appuntamento

Paolo R. Graziano is Professor of Political Science at the University of Padua and Associate Fellow at the European Social Observatory in Brussels. He has published and edited several volumes and special issues on topics such as Europeanization, welfare state politics, European social policy, political consumerism, European governance. He published three books, and edited 8 special issues for various international journals. His most recent book on ‘Sustainable Community Movement Organisations’ will be published in 2016 (Il Mulino, in Italian – written with F. Forno). His work has appeared in the following journals, among others: Comparative European Politics, European Journal for Political Research, European Political Science, Regional and Federal Studies, Social Policy and Administration, Governance, Global Social Policy, Journal of European Social Policy, Journal of Social Policy, Journal of Consumer Culture, International Journal of Social Welfare, Italian Political Science Review, The Annals of the America Academy of Political and Social Science.

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Si veda il cv dettagliato
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