Palazzo Ca' Dottori (Headquarters)
Palazzo Ca Dottori
via del Santo, 28 - 35123 Padova
This building hosts the headquarters of the Department, the administrative offices, one of the mailn libraries of social science (Biblioteca Ettore Anchieri), the School of Economics and Political Sciences, and also professors’offices, classrooms and ICT laboratories.

Palazzo Wollemborg
Palazzo Wollemborg
Via del Santo 26 - 35123 Padova

Palazzo Ca' Borin
Palazzo Ca Borin
Via del Santo 22 - 35123 Padova

Palazzo del Bo'
Palazzo Bo
via VIII febbraio - 35123 Padova
This building hosts Ruggero Meneghelli's Library of comparative law and several professors’offices.

Teatro Ruzante
Teatro Ruzante
Riviera Tito Livio, 45 - 35123 Padova

Palazzo Calegaro
Palazzo Calegaro
via del Santo 77 - 35123 Padova
This building was the headquarters of the former Department of International Studies, now it hosts Professors’ Offices who deal with History of International Relations, Human Rights and International Law.

Palazzo De Claricini
Palazzo De Claricini

via Cesarotti 10/12 - 35123 Padova

Branch Office in Padova
Branch office San Francesco
Via San Francesco, n. 17 - 35123 Padova

Branch office in Rovigo
CUR Rovigo

viale Porta Adige, n. 45 - 45100 Rovigo