Seminar on Microelectronics with Livio Baldi

Dipartimento DEI


Scientific coordinator: David Burigana, University of Padova.

Thuesday 28 May 2024 from 10:30 to 12:15 (Aula Seminari, Palazzo Calegaro, via del Santo 77), within the Course Microelectronics and Globalization, Seminar on Microelectronics with Livio Baldi.

Microelectronics and Europe: a new start?
Livio Baldi (Chips Mirror Group Italy)

Italian Diplomacy for Microelectronics in the 1980s
David Burigana (SPGI Deparment)

Discussant: Alessandro Paccagnella (DEI Department).

Dissemination results and comments financed by PRIN 2017 Science Technology and International Relations: case studies in Italian foreign policy (2020-25), Research Unity leader: David Burigana.